When The Soul Cries $20

By: Angel Savoy and The Fearless Storytellers

WHEN THE SOUL CRIES exposes the souls of women who have endured and overcame tremendous amounts of pain, disappointment, and betrayal. BE ENERGIZED, ENCOURAGED and EMPOWERED as you experience the heart-wrenching stories of courageous women bravely overcoming unimaginable circumstances. THE MUZZLE HAS BEEN REMOVED…let the Fearless Storytelling begin!

“Angel’s story is a roller coaster ride of emotions that will leave you on the edge of your seat! The Fearless Storytellers are a tribe of women committed to learning from each other’s mistakes and winning the RIGHT way in our romantic relationships!” – Adrienne E. Bell, Founder, The Fearless Storytellers’ Movement.

**Excerpts from The Fearless Storytellers**

“He was abusive, and it was the worst type of mental, emotional and spiritual abuse that I had ever faced…” -Nikiya Mone

“What made me think I would be successful as a stripper?” -Chontae Cuellar

“I thought it was easier to deal with the pain rather than to let go and cross the bridge of the unknown. So, like a fool, I stayed.”
-Vernisha Parrish


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