Latanya S.
Throughout the course of our friendship, Angel has made me ponder many things. The thing that impacted me the most was how brave she was when deciding to leave her first marriage. It is certainly not a decision to take lightly but the way she came out on the other side reminded me that beauty can absolutely come from ashes. When I found myself divorced and depressed I remembered how she chose to be ok. The journey is hard of course but the initial decision to give it a try was easy. By simply being transparent, she helped me to remember something I had forgotten about myself. My value is so weighty that it isn’t summed up within the success or failure of my marriage, nor the path my children choose. It reminded me that even at 4ft 9.5, if I put my big girl panties on one leg at a time every day and face my obstacles even I can stand quite tall.  
Latanya S.  
Michelle C
What I have learned from simply knowing you all these years is summed up in the last sentence of an article I read recently…….”Being unapologetically yourself comes with a price.  Always pay it.”
Michelle C.

“This lady here ANGEL is Amazing. We have not met face to face. But, we have communicated thru Facebook, Messenger, “Black Marriage Rocks” Etc.

I have watched Angel be REAL with herself on Facebook.
Through being Real she has helped many women with their issues.
Another positive note is!
Her husband is right by her side.
I Love how they Love and Encourage each other.
Angel I’m so Proud of you.
May God Touch Each and Everything that You do.
– Jackee P.
- Bernadette D.

“As long as I’ve known Angel she has been to the point I guess that’s what I liked about her I’ve admire how she dont give up and go for what she wants in life She doesn’t know but now she will I will always love her for 2 things out of all my friends (so call) Angel was one of few that took time out with my special needs daughter if she had a good report card Angel would pick her up and they would go out that I will always be grateful for and the 2nd is she introduced me to my husband it hasn’t been great but I always thank God and Angel she was my true Angel because I had prayed to God for a husband that would love me the way I was I pray God continue to Bless you and your family Abundantly”
Bernadette D. 

Nicole A.

“Where do I start when it comes to Mrs. Angel Savoy. I guess I’ll start from the beginning. Angel and I have been friends for more than 25 years and we have been through a lot with each other. Years ago we use to be sister-in-law. What a pleasure that was to have my besties as my sister too. She is also the godmother to two of my kids and they love her deeply. I can write a book about the stuff we have been through. Angel has stood by my side and kept me from going to jail a few times. My temper was really bad and I was going through a horrible divorce. Like they say, hurt people hurt people and that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I would call Angel, she would listen to everything I had to say. After I would finish venting. She would say Nicole it’s not worth it! It’s not worth you going to jail and possibly your kids along with your freedom. You know he’s trying to make you look bad. I didn’t always listen but the times I did that’s when it counted. She would always tell me the truth no matter what. It would hurt sometimes but I appreciate it. I know we don’t talk as much but I’m so grateful to God for allowing us to have therelationship we had back then. Thanks for everything Angel”
–  Nicole A. 

Crystal H

“I’ve know Angel for years and as long as I can remember she’s always been a solid, tell you the truth but with love positive type of person.  I’ve called on her for advice many times ranging from relationship/marriage to business.  When I first started my treats/baking business I struggled with letting the customer talk me in to lowing and negotiating my prices, which lead to me giving everyone the “family discount”.  Angel had just started her meal prep business and seemed to be doing very well so I decided to reach out to her for a little advice/motivation.  So I called her and began venting my frustration about always coming up short profit wise due to me not sticking to my prices. And the most important thing that I took away from that conversation was to know my worth and stand firm on my prices.  Everyone is not going to be your customer and that’s okay.  Quote and stand firm on prices and if they decide to go elsewhere that’s fine. I simply end the call with a thank you for calling and have a nice day! ”
– Crystal H.  

Jameca P.

“Let me tell yall how everyone needs a Angel Savoy in their life! She has helped me with so much like self confidence and nurturing my marriage. And baby this here book!! The ladies of the Fearless Storyteller Moments are brave and beautiful and anointed! God bless them all!”
– Jameca P. 

Marvin Z
“Your willingness to be candid, transparent and real about your accomplishments, missteps, repeats, do overs, start agains in your life and marriage and the grace and forgiveness you give yourself -and others-has been true “ah ha” moments for me. Mostly letting me know it’s never too late and that my only real obstacle is me. And every step all along the way you’ve remained humble, available, encouraging, giving and continue to share, uplift and inspire.

Thank you for being Angel.”
Tonya Anderson.

Nyree T.
“My interaction with Angel Savoy has truly blessed me . Through her guidance I have learned not to let fear hold you back. You will regret the chances you didn’t take than the chances you did take and failed. A fearless woman is willing to do anything to succeed and thrive. Let our lives tell our story and remember that everyone has their own journey . When you are accountable of yourself that is when you will began to set yourself free…”
-Nyree T.
Cyleca Godfrey

” I would first like to congratulate Angel Savoy and the other author’s who were involved with writing an inspirational book. I wanted to share my personal experiences that I’ve had with Mrs.Savoy.

  On plenty occasions, Mrs. Savoy has encouraged me and most importantly she has prayed for my family! I was going through a rough patch in my marriage and without me saying too much she knew the right words to speak life into me which transferred to my marriage! I’m forever GRATEFUL for her words of encouragement and prayers!  That’s just the BEGINNING she is also my personal travel agent lol because of Angel I’ve flown on my first airplane and it was out the country. That might not be a big deal to others but for me it was huge!  One thing I’m most certain about .. I’ve been knowing some so-called friends for over 20 yrs and maybe under a 6 yr relationship with Angel and her words of encouragement,  prayers have been the most I’ve ever received from 20 yr friendships. Once again congratulations to all the Authors but congratulations Angel Savoy you’re such an inspiration and I’m extremely proud of you and your family! ❤
-Cyleca Godfrey

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